Enigma Variations (album)

The Enigma Variations is a compilation album of newer artists (in 1985) that were on Enigma Records or one of its subsidiaries. It was originally released as a double LP and cassette, but was then subsequently also released as a CD with a reduced number of tracks. The album was compiled by Steve Pross and William Hein. The Greek pressing of the album (on Virgin Records) was issued as a single LP.

A second volume was compiled and released in 1987.

Track listing


Disc 1, Side 1

  • Screamin' Sirens - Maniac 2:38
  • Jet Black Berries - Shadowdrive 4:41
  • Naked Prey - Flesh On The Wall 2:34
  • Tex & the Horseheads - Oh Mother 2:55
  • Greg Sage - Straight Ahead 4:10
  • Chris D. / Divine Horsemen - Time Stands Still 4:08
  • John Trubee - A Blind Man's Penis 1:41
  • Disc 1, Side 2

  • Rain Parade - No Easy Way Down 6:58
  • Plasticland - Disengaged From The World 2:36
  • The Pandoras - Worm Boy 2:10
  • Get Smart! - Just For The Moment 2:20
  • The Leaving Trains - Leaving Trains 2:28
  • Green On Red - Sixteen Ways 2:33
  • Game Theory - 24 3:05
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